Ulcerative Colitis – Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis, as the name suggests is a disease that gives rise to ulcers in the large intestine along with open sores. In other words it an inflammation of the colon. The colon is a major part of the human digestive system; it is the area where all the waste material from your body is stored and if it is infected and becomes swollen or sore because of certain types of toxins in your body than this causes the emergence of ulcerative colitis.

What Causes Ulcerative Colitis?

It will be safe to suggest here that the right cause for ulcerative colitis has not yet been determined by the doctors or the scientists worldwide plus this is one of those diseases whose property of contagiousness has not been classified as positive, hence it can happen to anybody but you cannot catch it like cold from a person who is inflicted from it.

According to research ulcerative colitis can be the result of some unusual activity in the immune system. The immune system in the body is incorporated with certain types of proteins and cells which battle against all different benign viruses, fungi and other kind of dangerous bacteria. The immune system activates whenever it is hit by some outside bacteria but with ulcerative colitis patients this very immune system turns to be abnormal and activates at an abnormal rate only making the bowl system of the body worse. The activation of the immune system happens at a fast and random rate for ulcerative colitis a patient which causes the colon to become reddened, swollen and hot which makes the deadly ulcers down there.

This particular disease of colon leads to many other chronic problems in the lower of area of the body. Few of the most painful results of ulcerative colitis are the rise of abdominal pains, diarrhea or rectal bleeding. Other significant symptoms of this disease include weight loss, skin lesions, tiredness, loss of appetite, pain on the joints of the body plus loss of healthy fluids from the body at a regular rate. According to a known fact, if this problem occurs in children at an early age, it can cause hindrance in their growth.

Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD is the name given to the illness which is caused by amalgamation of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both of these inflictions can take place during early years of adulthood but can also target children in their young age and tend to last from years to decades.

What are the treatment methods?

Now let us move forward and shine light on some of the important treatment methods that are available to help patients of this disease. Surgery is of the step that a patient can take because there is no certain type of medication that will help the ulcerative colitis patient to get rid of the disease. It would be wise to mention here that surgery is only an option for people who have been severely attacked and has inflammation at a larger scale than others. So what should one do in a crisis situation of this sort and the answer to this is visit a doctor who has well established knowledge about such diseases and most of them will ask you adopt a healthy lifestyle because what you eat and drink will affect the type of elements that are transferring in your body. Other physical methods of treatments include the inducing of remission of substances to fight the ulcers and then maintain these remissions for a substantial period of time so that they can take place and dissolve in the body to put up a fight against the illness. One of the medicines that provide some help in this course is known as Aminosalicylates, this medicine works in order to control or reduce the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and in most cases it is really effective. Medicines to make the immune system more healthy and strong can also provide assistance in this particular ordeal.

A fact to note here is that the risk of ulcerative colitis to emerge in non-smokers and ex-smokers is more as compared to people who smoke. Many of might be thinking that how can smoking be good for health but many times nicotine is used to help patients of this disease and it has been helpful for myriad amount of patients.

More problems

Having a problem such as ulcerative colitis can take its toll on many individuals and can affect their everyday life and routine in a negative way. This is because during a flare-up of this problem the patient will need to go to the bathroom again and again, only making him or her embarrass in front of his colleagues or friends. Also there a great predicament attached to this sickness and that is that the patient does not know when it will hit him or her again during the course of the infliction. This can be very painful along with cumbersome as it can affect the patients personal and professional life by a large percentage and making him or her less confident about themselves.


The bottom line is that illness and sickness is part of everybody’s life and can happen to anybody at any stage of life but to take precautionary measure and adopt a healthy lifestyle is the way to live through many diseases. Needless to say that it may happen even to a healthy person but the chances of him to fight against it with more power will make him better off as compared to a person who has a weak immune system. So eating and doing some sort of exercise that is if hitting the gym is too much for you, should provide you great assistance in all walks of life.