The Oxygen Colon Cleanse

The Colon is one of the most important parts of our body. It is also known as the large intestine and is responsible for completing the digestion process in an individual. It is an organ of the gastrointestinal tract and is responsible for absorbing fluids, forming stools and eliminating stools. It is actually the last part of the digestive system in most vertebrates. The colon is basically responsible for extracting salt and water from solid waste before it is eliminated from the body.

Keeping the colon good and healthy is extremely important for an individual. It is important to understand that the colon can be exposed to many types of dangerous diseases including colon cancer. Colon cancer does not really have a specific cause and it can only be found out once it has reached an advanced stage. For the correct bowl movement and to avoid constipation and other such actions, it is extremely important to keep the colon healthy.

In order to keep the colon healthy, people need to understand how important colon cleansing is.

What Colon Cleansing Does

The main responsibility of colon cleansing is to get rid of the unwanted toxins and pollutants and to detoxify the colon to make it more effective and make it flush out the digestive system and get the body back into balance. It is important to realize that colon cleansing should only be done by a certified physician because only they are aware of the most effective ways of colon cleansing.

There are different methods of colon cleansing including the following:

  • A fasting regiment. This should always be done after consulting a doctor. These allow water which helps the cleansing process. It gives time to get rid of impurities.
  • Another way is juice fasting. Juice have nutrients to keep your body going giving you time to expel the toxins naturally.
  • Detox diets in which your diet would consist of purified water, organic food, vegetables and little meat.

While most of the ways of colon cleansing are herbal methods, there are some other ways which can also be tried. One of the most popular and effective ways for colon cleansing is with oxygen.

The Process

The process, in simple words is taking oxygenation to remove all the fecal matter that may be lingering on inside your colon or the large intestine. It is a quick process that helps prevent problems such as constipation. It is surprising to know how little people know about oxygen colon cleansers even though they are so effective!

The oxygenation can be taken from capsules containing ingredients such as the citric acid and ozonated magnesium. The requirement with taking these capsules is to drink lots and lots of water. This is because the water along with these capsules will actually help build a chemical reaction inside your intestinal tract. This chemical reaction causes oxygen to flow through your body. This process actually helps the breakdown of fecal matter as it goes. There are different ways of using colon cleansers to improve their effectiveness. For example, if you drink lemon water it might help cause a chemical reaction in a shorter time.

There are many advantages of using colon cleansing with oxygen rather than using the herbal methods.

One advantage is that the oxygen method is very simple and convenient. One can easily take the capsule at any time of the day, preferably before you go to sleep. You do not need to do anything extra other than drinking plenty of water. Many people prefer this way because it is not only convenient but it can also be done privately without informing anyone else. (Many people who have colon issues feel embarrassed to talk about them with other people)

Moreover, the oxygen that the capsules produce in the body has the ability to travel to most of if not all the organs inside your body. The increased consumption of water or perhaps lemon water will help the oxygen travel to most parts of the body. Hence oxygen cleansing will not only help your digestive system but also have a positive effect on the rest of the body.

Yet another important advantage of oxygen colon cleansing which cannot be forgotten is the role of bacteria from the colon. Mostly all other cleansing methods will help remove bacteria from the colon. These bacteria might actually not be very bad for the colon infact the body might need it. With oxygen colon cleansing, the bacteria from the colon is not removed. This actually means that the beneficial bacteria will survive even after oxygen cleansing. This is one of the major advantages of oxygen colon cleansing.

The oxygen cleansing method is one of the most effective methods of colon cleansing. Another advantage of this method is that there are no side effects involved with this process. All other measure taken to cleanse the colon come with some side effects, but the oxygen colon cleansing method does not have any side effects. It is extremely safe for the body and should be used by all those people who have colon related problems.

One of the most popular oxygen colon cleansers is Oxy Powder which is available all over the market. It is a scientifically formulated natural cleanser used to safely prevent the problems of bloating, constipation and other such problems with the colon.

The level of oxygen being released is tested through the titration test which goes on for about 18 hours. The aggressiveness of the oxygen being released will be measured by the electromotive force. Most of the cleansers have an electromotive force of about 1.23.

Before getting a hold of the oxygen cleansers it is important to note that there are so many cleansers available in the market but it is not necessary that all of them are equally good. It is recommended that you ask your doctor and use the prescribed capsules. The doctor will prescribe you the most appropriate cleanser after having a look through your medical and family history and past experiences.