Megacolon can be regarded as the abnormal condition of colon owing to its unusual dilation or enlargement. When this condition develops it badly influences the capability of peristaltic movement of the intestinal tract. Peristalsis is involuntary contraction and constriction of intestinal muscles which are responsible for the movement of the stool and play all the part of removing stool from the body. When this wave like movement of intestinal tract is disturbed, it becomes very difficult to get rid of stool in normal way. When this condition develops it is termed as Megacolon. A lot of research has been conducted in this respect as it is a common problem which is being faced by millions of people not only in the United States but all over the world. Megacolon cab ne divided into two categories.

One kind of Megacolon is termed congenital which is considered to be present since birth. As its symptoms may appear in the very early age, it may cause a lot of inconvenience for parents too. It badly affects the life and growth of the child who is suffering from it. It demands its treatment on priority basis otherwise it may persist in future and give rise to other complications which may prove more difficult to treat them. It has been observed that congenital Megacolon is not so common as the other kind of Megacolon which is known as idiopathic. Idiopathic kind of Megacolon is very complex and it may be caused through multifarious reasons.

These reasons have similar symptoms and they overlap in such way that it becomes difficult to differentiate between what is the real cause of this disease. However, some researchers are of the opinion that the most possible cause of Megacolon may be the smooth muscles of colon and rectum which get activated improperly. Improper diet may also become the cause of this disease. Non-fibrous food become impacted and gives rise to constipation. If this condition persists for long duration it may create morphological changes in the intestinal tract and may result in the development of Megacolon. In some incidents physical injury especially in the pelvic part of the body may also cause its symptoms. Any person regardless of age and gender may become victim of Megacolon. Some people do not take it seriously and with the lapse of time they get entangled into various complications caused by it.

How You Can Know That You Are Developing Megacolon?

  • The first indication of this disease may be felt in the form of constant constipation. If you are find it difficult to get rid of stool you must pay attention to its cause. There may be possibility of developing Megacolon. You must visit your doctor your doctor and explain your discomfort to him before it assumes any dangerous form.
  • Vomiting may also be symptom of this disease combined with other indications. You may feel nauseating conditions which may destroy your eating habits and mar the pleasures of your life.
  • You may feel yourself ever lethargic and inactive. You may lose your interest in your routine work.
  • Hard and dry stool may become painful for its release. If you take laxatives the relief would be temporary and the previous condition may relapse soon.
  • Anxiety and depression may keep you ever dejected and desponded.
  • Your appetite may get dampened. You may feel as if your stomach is full of food.
  • Your food taste may also get insipidity.
  • Megacolon may cause general debility and mental weakness. You may lose in your weight.
  • You may feel broken stool. Even after returning from toilet you may feel unrelieved.

What You Should Do in Case of Megacolon Development?

If you suspect that you are suffering from Megacolon, the first step that you must take is to visit a competent doctor. Explain you each and every symptom to him. He will perform your complete physical check-up and try to pinpoint the exact nature of your disease in the light of symptoms you are suffering from. Your doctor may take different tests which may include neurological examination too. In this way he may examine your abdominal palpitation to determine if you have hard or full colon. He may calculate your comprehensive blood count to analyze your digestive disorders. He may study your biochemical profile which can help him in diagnosing the exact nature of your disease. He may also perform some urinalysis test to know about any inkling of other possible complications like diabetes mellitus disease or any kidney problem for dehydration because such dehydration may also give rise to constipation and Megacolon disease.

In addition to it, your doctor may arrange your pelvic radiographs. The help of these radiographs he may calculate the exact size of your colon and assess the precise nature of the abnormalities that may be present in your colon causing Megacolon disease. He may also ask you for rectal examination. If there is any stricture or suspicion of any type of hernias he would prefer to treat them first. Your doctor may also suggest abdominal ultrasound which may help him in determining the real cause of your ailment. Colonoscopy is another means of information for ascertaining the real cause of Megacolon.

After the determination of the real cause of you disease the doctor will select the best possible option for your treatment. This treatment may depend upon the nature of your disease and your physical condition. If you are suffering from the intensive case of Megacolon, he may suggest enema or manual removal of stool under the influence of anesthetic conditions. If you are suffering from mild or moderate Megacolon conditions, he may prescribe some effective medication and advise you to take good fibrous diet. Such diet may play very important role regulating your stool habits and facilitating the process. If the use of proper medication does not produce the desired effects, you doctor may suggest surgical operation for removing the malfunctioning part of your colon. In any case you must not get scared as Megacolon is not a disease which has no treatment. You just need consulting a competent doctor on its first indication.