Digestive Enzymes

When a human or an animal consumes something, it is always possible that the body might not accept it basically because the substance is too large to be absorbed by the body (or digested) in other words. Therefore in order to have an effective process of digestion it is necessary to have enzymes that break down the macromolecules of a substance into a form that the body can easily absorb. Such enzymes which help breakdown the larger molecules into smaller ones are known as digestive enzymes.

What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes come in various forms and in various varieties. They have a role to play with most parts of your body including oral, stomach, pancreas, small and the large intestine. Hence it can be judged from this fact that in order to maintain a healthy life enzymes play a very important role. Some functions of enzymes are:

  • Purification of the blood, leading to a better health.
  • Breaking down of fats, ensuring that the individual does not face obesity and other fat-related problems as they grow up.
  • Cleansing of the colon. This is one of the most important functions that the enzymes perform. They help keep the colon healthy and good ensuring good digestion and absorption. Colon is one of the most important body parts.
  • Maintaining proper cholesterol levels. Many people, when they grow old are faced with the problem of high cholesterol levels. As a result they might be recommended to stop the intake of meat and other such items. With enzymes, cholesterol level is kept at a reasonable level.
  • Maintaining peak energy levels. Enzymes help boost up the energy of individuals when they need them.

The existence of enzymes was discovered long ago. It is known that they are present in almost every cell of our body. They are complex protein molecules which help perform different tasks such as the production of energy or exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen when we breathe. Our body enzymes help us to fight diseases and to speed up our bodily functions that require help. They are capable of transferring energy to other molecules as well.

The process

The process of digestive enzymes is something like this. Digestive enzymes as mentioned before help breakdown complex proteins and fats into smaller molecules and nutrients which can be easily absorbed by the body. They work with almost all types of foods including baked flour, dairy, caffeine, sugar, soft drinks and alcohol etc. The enzymes are first secreted through the senses of tasting and smell. They can be secreted by different glands including the salivary glands, secretory cells in the stomach, secretory cells in the pancreas and secretory glands in the small intestine. The tasting and chewing of the substance then allows the saturation of the enzymes which then breaks down starch to glucose when for example chewing bread. These processed contents are then passed from the stomach into the small intestine where they are mixed with the pancreatic juices. These juices have a lot if enzymes which further help the digestion process.

Digestive enzymes help you fight diseases because our immune system works in such a way that it attacks those digested foods which are partially digested and get into our bloodstream. This is because the immune system sees these partially processed foods as toxic invaders and so try to destroy them. Hence the food that you consumed actually had no effect because it was destroyed by the immune system. So therefore it is important to understand and realize the importance of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down nearly half of the food we consume.

A lack of enzymes would actually harm your pancreas. Autopsies also prove that those people who eat mostly cooked and processed foods have a dangerously enlarged pancreas and are often not in a good working condition. In order to improve your digestion process, it is recommended to add a digestive enzyme to break down food as it lies in the upper stomach. You can take enzymes every time you eat, or on an empty stomach or one way of consuming enzymes is to consume organically grown raw food. The more the enzymes the better it would be. This is because lack of enzymes can actually make a person very ill. It can be easily said that the faster the supply of enzymes depletes the faster you will get a disease and the faster you will age. Hence, in order to lead a healthy life, it is extremely important to ensure a good regular supply of enzymes for your body. Digestive enzymes can also be taken during meals.

There are numerous digestive enzyme supplements available these days in the market. One of the most popular and better performing enzyme supplements is P-A-L plus Enzymes. Each capsule of this contains about 30000 UPS, Acid Stable Protease 100 SAPU, Protease 60,000 HUT Neutral Bacterial Protease 40,000 PC, Amylase 20,000 SKB, Bacterial Amylase 10,000 BAU, Lipase 12,000 LU, Cellulase 1,000 CU, Lactase 2,500 ALU and Trace Minerals 50mg.

The activity and the potency of these enzymes is very high and very effective, making them the best in the market.

Other popular and effective digestive enzyme essentials include:

  • Basic E-Club Nutrition system with OxiCellZyme and Plantadophilus.
  • Basic E-Club with DigestZyme and Plantadophilus.
  • Enhanced E-Club Nutrition System with OxiCellZyme, Plantadophilus and PureZyme.
  • Enhanced E-Club Nutrition System with OxiCellZyme, Plantadophilus and MasterZyme.
  • OxiCellZyme
  • Plantadophilus
  • BalanceZyme Plus
  • CalmZyme
  • DigestZyme
  • Powdered DigestZyme
  • ExcellZyme
  • GastroZyme
  • GlutenSense
  • LypoZyme and
  • MasterZyme etc.

Hence, there are many supplements for digestive enzymes available in the market for different prices and of different qualities. One needs to make sure that they take care of their digestive enzymes because if they don’t, it can lead to serious consequences. If you ever feel that you might be getting ill too often consult your doctor immediately and make sure you do what they say because after all its about your health!