Colon Detox – Detoxing the Colon

In today’s world of fast food take away, frozen foods and chemically preserved eatables, there is little that we can do about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Going to a physician, following a strict schedule of medications or religiously staying away from many things is not the first best thing on anyone’s ‘to do’ list. But with this attitude, we tend to forget about the needs of our body and the essentials to keep it working properly.

Among all parts of our body, the one that is most sensitive to our eating habits and lifestyles is the colon; the last part of the digestive system which can also be called the large intestine. Sometimes, waste materials remain inside our colon and we are absolutely unaware of this toxic existence inside the body. This is where the need for colon detox arrives as it is extremely important to empty your colon of these waste materials. The idea of colon detox is to remove the intoxicated materials from the walls of the colon. This process of colon detox will also help your colon get rid of the harmful bacteria which is present inside and which will now be replaced with healthy bacteria.

The actual procedure

Colon detox is a very easy and natural way to get rid of toxins inside your body. There are many products in the market solely for the purpose of a colon detox but it is best to stick to a colon detox diet or herbal and natural methods. Medications usually come with long term side effects. Don’t fall prey to false advertisements providing evidence for their colon detox products. It is always best to choose the one which has been approved by the FDA and is popular among people.  And it is always advisable to consult a doctor before planning to do this. It is normal to detoxify the colon once or twice a year but too much colon detox will incur bad results.

Though our body has been designed to do the entire process of eliminating stool itself but sometimes due to some habits the colon is not able to perform its task properly. But a colon detox will come with a few side effects which you will have to cope with. Some side effects may be temporary while for some people they may last for longer spells. Any severe side effect should be immediately reported to your doctor. Sometimes your colon detox plan will restrict your diet to merely fruits and vegetables for weeks and in some cases you will be instructed to stick to fluids only for a few days. When the body does not get enough calories and if you stay hungry for longer, you may lose concentration and find that you are getting inefficient in daily chores. This may also lower the blood pressure and sugar levels. Special precautions should be taken by those who already suffer from such problems. Another harmful side effect of the colon detox method can be diarrhea. This is because colon detox supplements often contain laxatives and will increase your bowel movements. The increased intake of fruits and vegetables will also increase the need to go to the bathroom frequently. Diarrhea is often accompanied with signs of dehydration because every time you go to the bathroom, your body flushes out water. One of the most serious side effects can be experienced by people who are allergic to some ingredients of colon detox supplements or either have a history of medical problems.

Home remedies

Colon detox can be done using home remedies. Some of the most effective ones have been discussed below;

  • Stay away from normal meals and concentrate on juices. This will give a rest to your entire digestive system and will easily cleanse your colon off all the toxin materials.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Green leafy vegetables and fruits which have higher contents of citrus are rich in fiber. Fiber is easily digested inside the colon and makes the waste material inside the colon absorb water. Hence, it becomes softer and passes out easily.
  • You can also try a special colon detox diet which only includes of fruits, nuts and juices. This diet needs to be accompanied with a lot of water and would be effective if carried on for a good five days.

What are the advantages of colon detox?

It is amazing how many people are unaware of the importance of a healthy digestive system. A colon detox is not only targeted to solve colon related problems, but it has numerous advantages which will help counter other problems related to our health;

  • With colon detox, the toxins inside our body are removed and this prevents the occurrence of many other diseases in our body
  • The primary advantage of a colon detox is that it will improve the bowel movements and make them more regular. This prevents the waste material from sticking in the colon walls for longer and developing small pouches which are harmful
  • Once you start getting along with your colon detox diet, you will see that your metabolism is improving. This is because your intestines are absolutely free of old waste materials and can now digest food properly and efficiently.
  • A clean colon and a smooth digestive system have been known to enhance people’s energy levels and mental capacities.
  • The first signs of any digestive problems will start appearing on your skin. Once you have gotten rid of all such problems, your skin will feel more fresh, supple and radiant.
  • With a good, effective colon detox, you are likely to get rid of constipation.

For many people, colon detox is also a method of reducing weight without spending too much of their time on strict and difficult to follow diet plans and exercises. Much of the unwanted bacteria inside our colon are known to cause inflammation in the entire body. A colon detox will help remove these bacteria preventing inflammation. Inflammation has been known to lower the metabolism rate, keeping the food inside for longer. This is why a person may feel tired and avoid exercising regularly. Therefore, a colon detox is extremely beneficial for weight loss.