Colon Cleansing Pros and Cons

Millions of people all over the world are suffering from colon disorders and related diseases. These people need proper colon cleansing for getting rid of these ailments. For this purpose they must have complete information about colon cleansing pros and cons. The knowledge of advantages and disadvantages may help them in getting more reliable treatment for their colon related problems.

Colon Cleansing Pros

Colon cleansing has many advantages in setting aright all the problems related to colon and digestive disorders. Some people may gain in weight owing to fecal compaction in their colons. It has been observed that some persons may have 5 to 10 pounds of fecal debris in their colons. This unwanted compaction of harmful waste material may cause bloating and flatulence. It may cause unnecessary increase in weight and discomfort. Colon cleansing may enable you to get rid of this heaviness within the shortest period of its administration. A cleaned colon improves your digestive system. If your digestive system is working properly you may enjoy the pleasures of good health. You will feel proper appetite and relish the taste of whatever you will eat. The cleansing of your colon will remove all the toxins retained in your intestinal tract. The removal of these toxins will relax your brain from their bad effects and help you in improving your concentration. Constipation is regarded as the mother of all diseases. There are several complications which can be attributed to it. Colon cleansing can solve the problem of your constipation and you may feel relieved of all the complaints associated with it. Colon cleansing enables fresh and profuse absorption of nutrients possible. It results in keeping you more energetic and active. In addition to these benefits there are many other factors which can be regarded as colon cleansing pros.

Colon Cleansing Cons

No doubt, colon cleansing is very useful and effective in treating and mitigating colon related complications but there may arise some unwanted situations on its improper use too which may be termed as colon cleansing cons. One of the methods used for this purpose is hydrotherapy. No doubt, hydrotherapy can clean your colon but it may create some problems too. This method can cause over-hydration which may disturb the proportionality between water and other necessary fluids. This imbalance may affect the physiological processes of the body. Another reason behind the use of hydrotherapy which may enhance its inappropriateness is the situation when you are using any other medication for other purposes. It is believed that hydrotherapy will dilute the amount of that medicine and render it ineffective.

Another factor which can be included in the list of colon cleansing cons is unavailability of competent doctor who has a lot of experience in conducting such treatments. If your doctor is not highly qualified or has no previous experience in this context, your colonic treatment may add more complications to your current condition. Sometimes medical equipment necessary for this treatment may not be up to the standard. This situation may also aggravate your condition instead of giving you any relief.

No doubt, the persons who are having balanced diet added with fruits and vegetables seldom suffer from colon disorders. If you are using fibrous edibles and abstaining from excessive alcohol you may not be affected by colon problems. In spite of the use of all these precautionary measures if you develop any sort of colon disorder it demands proper colon cleansing for elimination of its symptoms. For this purpose you may have to use colon cleansers. These colon cleansers may have not been manufactured according to set standards and authentic formulas. The use of such colon cleansers may prove harmful and deteriorate your condition instead of desired relief. In addition to it, if colon cleaning process is overdone, it may also affects you negatively.

Another factor which is usually included in colon cleansing cons is possible danger of contamination. The cleansing supplements may be administered either through mouth or anus. If proper care is not taken the peril of contamination remain ever hovering. Sometimes these processes are carried out repeatedly which may result in the creation of many complications. Therefore, repetitive use of colon cleanser is not advisable. Instead of using colon cleansers frequently change in lifestyle is preferable. Proper diet can play very important role in lessening the intensity of colon disorders.

Another danger which may result as the colon cleansing cons is use of polyps. It has been observed that excessive or improper use of polyps may cause colon cancer. Such development may be very dangerous and needs surgical operation for its removal. However, if proper care is taken through regular physical examination such dangers may be quite easily averted. It has also been noted that colon cleansers may cause many side effects. Some of these side effects may assume very harmful condition and if not treated on time, may lead to serious consequences. These side effects may differ with respect to user and the nature of the treatment or medication. Some patients may suffer from certain skin diseases and others may suffer from kidney or liver disorders. In some cases heart problems may also develop. Other side effects caused by improper use of colon cleansers may be arthritis and digestive dysfunction. In some cases abdominal pain may also be felt. However, proper use of colon cleansers under the keen observation of a competent doctor can ensure their effectiveness and safety.

If colon cleansers are not of reliable quality their use can badly influence your digestive system. You may suffer from diarrhea which can enhance your trouble instead of giving you any relief. Improper use colon cleansers may also result in blooded stool which can distress you not only physical but psychologically too. It has also been observed that some colon cleansers may produce laxative effects and cause watery stool. The sufferer may lose bowel moment and control over stool. In spite of all these colon cleansing cons, it is being successfully administered by competent doctors with any danger of possible side effects.