Colon Cleanse – What is it?

Colon cleanse is the removal of feces and some unwanted toxins from the colon or the large intestine. This is to remove the intoxication within the intestines which develops over some time. A colon cleanse is mostly prescribed at times when the patient has to be prepared for tests such as colonoscopy. The process of colon cleanse can be oral, involving intake of certain things by mouth, or even performed through a set of practices. This type of colon cleanse is called the colon irrigation or the colon hydrotherapy and it involves the insertion of a tube into the colon which releases a stream of water inside.

Why does the colon get intoxicated?

Our diets comprise more of saturated fats, and oily greasy foods. Lack of proper eating habits is the primary reason for this. And the presence of such materials in our diet only makes it difficult for them to be processed and digested by our natural system.
There is not sufficient amount of fiber in whatever meals we take daily. The fiber helps the colon to process waste easily. Any waste that is not processed properly will start to gather up inside the colon and cause problems.

Lack of daily exercise

The process of colon cleanse has always been very debatable among many doctors. As with all other things that exist in the medical world, even colon cleansing is said to have both benefits and harmful side effects. Now obviously, any unnatural or unusual interference with the natural mechanism of the body’s system will lead to certain harmful effects. For the purpose of eliminating the waste materials from our intestines, our digestive system has been programmed to do so and it is best to leave the work to whatever system has been designed for that specific purpose. The reasons why colon cleanse is not encouraged by many doctors as a way to detoxify your colon but only when you need to be prepared for colonoscopy can be harmful in nature. It increases the risks of body dehydration and causes bowel perforations. Some doctors have also claimed that colon cleanse increases risk of infection. If you are going to undergo a colon cleanse just for the sake of your intestines’ detoxifying or relief from constipation, then try solving these problems with other conventional methods. Only in extreme cases should you opt for a colon cleanse.

Things you need to be careful about before having a colon cleanse

You need to notify a doctor if there are certain medicines that you have been taking or have had any medical problems previously
The equipment used for the process of the colon cleanse should be disposable or sterilized properly. There are high chances of infection spreading through tools used by doctors.
Many colon cleansing products contain some herbal ingredients which you might be allergic to or which might cause a few health related problems for you
As hydration is one of the most common side effects of colon cleanse, make sure to drink water regularly to avoid the dehydration.
There are many benefits of colon cleansing which will encourage you to go for it.

Mentioned below are some of the few;

It improves the overall health and will fight against digestive problems and other temporary problems such as unnecessary cramps in the abdomen and constipation.
It not only removes toxins from the colon alone but also from the blood and the entire digestive system.

It is known to reinforce the contractor movements of the colon.
Once the digestive system has been cleaned, it will work more efficiently an smoothly
It reduces the self poisoning of the digestive system and ensures proper regular bowel movements

There are few chances of having problems such as constipation, hard stools, indigestion
As you experience less medical problems, this also strengthens your immune system
The amount of mucus produced in the body is decreased after a colon cleanse
Improvements in memory are experienced after the body has been cleaned of all the toxins

Improvements on the digestive system will lead to easier weight loss. This is also the result of the absence of unwanted feces materials in your colon.
The colon may house certain parasites such as fluke worms or tape worms. The colon cleanse washes away these parasites from the colon.

A clean colon means better absorption of nutrients from the food that you eat
Provides a sense of satisfaction and you know how your body works better.

Side effects of cleansing the colon

Colon cleanse may offer a lot of benefits but at the same time it comes with a multiple of negative side effects which are important to be looked at or discussed with your doctor before you decide to undergo the process of colon cleanse. Some of these might include;

  • Drowsiness and fatigue. This is one of the most common symptoms.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting/nausea
  • Allergic reactions
  • Urine discoloration
  • Dehydration
  • Intestinal cramps and even chronic diarrhea in extreme cases.

These side effects, if occurred on a temporary basis, may not become so much of a problem. But if they persist for longer time periods, you will have to consult your doctor as some may not be reversed. There are a number of ways on which you can avoid these side effects of the colon cleanse. As it is known to cause dehydration, you can increase your intake of water as long as you are having your colon cleansed and even a few days after that. Broths, soups, stews and any kind of juices will also serve the purpose. Also take probiotic supplements.

The process of colon cleansing washes out even the good bacteria present inside the body so you would need to keep your balance of them. Make sure that you thoroughly check for the ingredients of the colon cleanse products. Many of them use herbs which will cause allergies. Getting to know about them will make you avoid them even before you consume them.