Chronic Constipation

Chronic constipation is also known as a functional constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC). It is not associated with any bacterium or virus creating conditions for the constipation to happen. In other words, it is not caused by any physical or physiological reason. So it can be said that the person suffering from the condition can be perfectly healthy and yet still have trouble excreting the digested food. The condition seems very intriguing on surface, so let’s have a look in detail, as to how this may happen and what are the dangers.

The Symptoms

The symptoms of this problem are quite difficult to differentiate because mostly the symptoms are similar to other types of constipations and syndromes present. Hence, specifically the condition cannot that easily be diagnosed. Generally speaking, doctors would seek symptoms related to normal constipations, which may include blood in stool or also commonly known as rectal bleeding, low blood count, weight loss, inconsistent hunger, headaches, cramps, nausea and vomiting. In order to for the problem to be detectable, the symptoms need to be present at least the fourth time after treatment has been provided.

The Factors and Ultimatum

This type of constipation can be due to many reasons. The primary reason is the unwillingness of a person to defecate. Why would anyone want to do that? One situation is when people get so associated with their toilets that they just don’t feel comfortable using other bathrooms. This may usually happen when people go out of cities or countries and have to stay at unfamiliar places. The other circumstance maybe that people who travel a lot i.e. business travelers who travel by road and rail through long distances either do not get a chance to use the toilets or they willfully don’t use it due to hygiene issues and more. Under these circumstances, the person may suffer from chronic constipation.

The obvious solution to this problem is that people should let themselves lose, and use the toilets when there is need. Holding back the feces can have many problems in addition to constipation. The accumulation of toxins and bacteria in the rectal region can lead to further diseases. It is also painful and bad for the diet intake. Sometimes, it also helps to think about something positive or interesting when using a new or “other” bathroom.

Beside unwillingness, there is another reason for this condition that is bad diet. Food items sometimes lack fiber. This includes meat and sweets. For the digestive system to work properly, it needs a push to force the excretions out. This push is very conveniently provided by the fiber. Without it, the feces become very hard and painful for the body t excrete. In an extreme case, which is constipation, the feces cannot be excreted. Hence in order to avoid this condition, one needs to take a proper balanced diet. A lot of vegetables and whole wheat flour provide a stable source of fiber. One can also substitute ordinary flour with whole wheat flour. Nowadays, many cakes and baked goods come in whole wheat variety which can be eaten instead or ordinary ones. In other cases, fiber tablets can be taken to remove constipation. One important component of a healthy diet is water. Without water out body cannot stay put. Water is not just important to keep our blood and organs working, but also an essential component in digestion. Not only does it reduce the acidity in the stomach but also makes the feces soft enough to be excreted. When having plenty of dry food, such as meat and sweets, it is very important to drink plenty of water. Otherwise, since water gets absorbed inside the intestines, the feces can become very hard and lead to constipation. Hence, taking in water is also as important to the digestive tract, as is the balanced diet.

Besides these factors, chronic stress and anxiety also play a big role in causing this condition. Due to extreme stress and anxiety, the internal anal sphincter muscle gets closed, which in normal course is not under voluntary control. The only way to deal with this situation is to try taking breaks in times of stress due to work or time. In permanent cases, a visit to clinical or medical psychologist may help a lot. Sometimes it may also be useful to take pain relief pills and sleeping pills to aid sleeping if one is suffering from insomnia.

Another factor causing this problem is the unwillingness or inability to control the external sphincter muscle. The muscle is normally under voluntary control which aids the excretion process. If the problem persists, a visit to the doctor may be necessary. Otherwise, one can voluntarily control the muscle. This condition is less problematic when one is willfully not excreting due to reasons mentioned earlier.

The Lesson

So many normal conditions that we ignore in our normal course of life, can lead to a potentially lethal condition. We especially ignore the importance of a balanced diet and low stress. It is important to make sure that we are not exposed to such conditions in order to keep our body working properly. Even the healthiest of people can run into such kinds of problems. Hence care and most of all, awareness is important to avoid such problem. People should be well educated about the problem that is going on in their body and for that a regular body check every six months would not hurt that much. This will not only help you to nib the problem at the start but will save you from spending a lot of money in order to get rid of the infliction.