Colon Cleansers

Colon cleansers are used for the process of colon cleansing. Colon cleansing is often given the name of colon irrigation. It is the process of emptying the colon or the large intestine and removing off the feces inside. There is a wide range of products available for this purpose and one has to be careful regarding which one to choose. Some people also prefer using the natural or the herbal methods of colon cleansers. The natural colon cleansers can be easily made at home and come without any adverse side effects which will discourage colon cleansing or colon irrigation. Colon cleansers can be used by anyone on their own without having to go to a doctor.

When does the need for colon cleansers arise?

In cases of severe constipation, which is not curable otherwise, colon cleansing is often recommended by doctors. Colon cleansers mostly tend to increase or frequent the bowel movement, causing the constipation to subside.

Colon cleansers will also be required prior to a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a test which involves the insertion of a tube with an attached camera into the rectum. This is for observing the colon for possible signs of any problems. For effective results of the colonoscopy, it is important that the colon be cleansed off of all the feces and waste materials.

Colon cleansers are very popular in the form of dietary supplements and certain pills. These medicines also include powder form agents which are to be mixed in the water to be taken before the colon cleansing process. It is important to note that these all are drugs after all and will have side effects no matter what. Colon cleansing medications should only be used if proper colon cleansing diet plans have failed to work. Many people who have constipation start using these colon cleansers regularly to ensure easy passage of stool but over a certain period of time they tend to rely on these medicines. Hence, it is not so recommended to use these colon cleansers frequently. The digestive system as a whole should work properly on its own in the natural manner.

How to make colon cleansers out of natural ingredients?

People wanting to perform their colon cleansing using the natural methods look for recipes on the internet. Sometime if colon cleansing is recommended to you by a doctor for some specific problem causing reason, then it is most probable that the doctor will himself give an appropriate recipe. But if one is undertaking the process on their own, then there are a number of sources which provide the homemade colon cleansers recipes. These recipes will work on your colon very mildly and without any adverse side effects. Using natural products won’t make you lose anything at the end.

Using Bentonite clay is a very popular method. This is edible clay and has to be mixed with juice or water and consumed on a regular basis. Vegetable soup is also very effective as a colon cleanser. This would also contain minerals and nutrients needed for the active working of the digestive system. You can use jalapeno, cucumber, garlic, parsley and even lime. Lime juice itself is known to do the job of a colon cleanser. Added with ginger juice, honey and warm water, it will be a perfect recipe to wash off any impurities present in your digestive system. Also, teas especially the green teas have always had a positive effect on the working of our bodies. They are also known to act as cleansers.

Can herbal colon cleansers be the better choice?

People using these natural methods will also prefer using the herbal products as they believe these to be close to being natural in some ways. An herbal colon cleanser should be used once or a twice a year for perfect results and for staying healthy. There are many herbal colon cleansers available in the market but be sure to check their ingredients. Ask for the ones which contain probiotics as they will help keep your intestine’s natural flow. Using colon cleansers can wash away the natural bacteris which is present inside the colon and the large intestine. To keep it all balanced you should consume high fiber and colon cleansers with probiotics. But herbal colon cleansers come with their own drawbacks. Sometimes they are not just ineffective but can cause even more problems inside your body. Many herbal manufacturers of the colon cleansers have been known to use cheap and inappropriate ingredients in their products.

For example Psyllium is a very common ingredient of herbal colon cleansers and even laxatives. People consuming psyllium through these herbal products have had side effects such as labored breathing, skin irritation and even contraction of the esophagus which can also be referred to as choking. This is just an example. There are many other ingredients which cause harmful effects and should be avoided. It is far better to use the normal colon cleansers available with reputable recognition so you are sure of the fact that you have chosen a well trusted product. Many colon cleansers have become popular and are regarded as safe. These treatments are considered to be more close to nature as unlike the harmful ingredients in the herbal products, they don’t interfere with the natural bacteria and probiotics present inside the digestive system. Digest it, super colons cleanse, oxypowder and digestive science has been the high ranked products for colon cleansing. Many of these also promise to refresh and detoxify your colon as well as producing easy bowel movements.

You should not always be discouraged towards using herbal colon cleansers. In many instances they will work better than any other medication but they might also prove harmful in some. And the ingredients present in them might not suit everyone likewise. Some people may react while others won’t get affected at all. Hence, you should consult a doctor before deciding upon anything and even if you don’t want to, there is plenty of information on the net regarding colon cleansers and this way you will always be able to choose the best and the safest product for yourself.